Brown Hofmeister

Economic Development

At Brown & Hofmeister, we recognize that economic development is a growing, living part of any vibrant city. In this economic climate, every city is reaching out to identify new, different, and better ways to achieve growth and success. As certain economic development tools fall in and out of favor over time, we provide extensive experience and legal knowledge in helping you achieve your changing goals.


Our attorneys represent many Type-A and Type-B economic development corporations (referred to under previous legislation as Section 4A and 4B corporations) in various parts of Texas. We work with our clients to use the right combination of tools to optimize growth and spur development for creating jobs and enhancing city revenue. Tax abatements may be right for some cities, while others may want to explore the use of tax increment financing ("TIF") for funding the development or redevelopment of specific areas of the city.


Because economic development is vital to any city, we devote much of our time and firm resources to your benefit. One good example is the training we offer regarding the tools available to cities, including hotel/motel tax considerations and the establishment and operation of Type A/B corporations. We are also widely recognized for our experience in the creation and management of complex 380 agreements. No matter what your plans are, or how large or small your project might be, Brown & Hofmeister has the legal skills to help you achieve success with your economic development projects.


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